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Any woman who lives in a cold winter climate knows the importance of owning comfortable boots. Boots are one of the top fashions of fall and winter and they seem to go with everything, but if you can’t find a pair that are comfortable, you will soon be hating your feet, and in turn being miserable because you’re constantly in pain. Thankfully, with the rise of the internet, it’s easy to shop if you just know where to look. Many online stores such as ours specialize in reviewing the most comfortable boots.

We recommend Zappos for the best deals on comfortable boots for women.

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Comfortable Boots

Comfortable Boots






One of the greatest features that web stores offer is their extensive collection of brands. Munro is a great brand to try as all Munro boots feature a removable insole in case you use orthopedic insoles of your own. They are also made out of extremely flexible leather so they are not too tight and tend to conform to your foot and leg over time.

Dansko is another brand that is sold at many department stores – Danskos offer a variety of styles that are comfortable. Dansko comfort boots are one of the best options available for comfort. They were introduced in the USA in the mid-1990′s by a couple who found them in Europe. They’re a little pricey at $100/pair and up, but they last forever and you’ll find yourself wanting multiple pairs once you try them. Their boots have comfortable foot beds with a sturdy heel, and have the best arch support on the market today. Their shorter ankle boots have a rocker-bottom platform which propels the foot forward as you walk so you don’t put too much stress on your feet.

Another brand of comfortable boots for women is Sudini.  Their tall, waterproof boot has a wedge heel and a rubber sole so that no added pressure comes to your foot when wearing the boots.

If you are a typical woman, you are concerned with staying in style by wearing boots, but you know that comfort needs to play a part in your footwear. If you take the time to look and try on many types and brands, you will find comfortable dress boots for women that fit your needs and our website is a great place to begin. Check out our Recommended Retailers page for more.