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Footloose: Walking in comfort and with style

Walking is the oldest form of both exercise and transportation. People have been walking for centuries. Reasons including getting from point A to point B, getting fit and exploring the world around you. So why is a proper walking shoe important? Because it’s an investment in your health and well-being. And let’s face it, who wants to be caught dead in uncomfortable shoes?

Choosing the appropriate walking shoe takes time and money, but the long and short-term benefits are abounding. The proper shoe needs to offer a balance of support and flexibility akin to your body. When the body’s natural gait is off-center, the body redistributes weight and causes an array of health issues. Below, we look at the best walking shoes available on the market for both men and women.

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The Best Walking Shoes for Women and Men


Here are five great suggestions for women’s walking shoes:

1. New Balance 860 Walking: This lightweight walking shoe will take you through a strenuous workout to traversing the decks of an Alaskan-bound cruise ship. The 860 is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to a walking shoe. It has the flexibility of a running shoe with the gait support and cushioning of a walking shoe.

2. Ecco Biom Walk: On the pricey side, the Ecco Biom Walk is the crème de la crème of walking shoes. Its revolutionary new walking shoe concept allows your foot to function as if you were barefoot. Not bad for a synthetic foot covering.

3. ABEO 3620 Active Walker: We like the ABEO 3620 because it looks more like a trail or hiking shoe than a tennis sneaker. It comes in taupe full grain leather, but fits like a typical athletic shoe. It also uses SMARTsystem’s patent pending mid-sole design to reduce knee stress and knee pain – developed and tested at Stanford University. Impressed? We are.

4. Ecco Biom Trainer 1.2: Another great shoe by Ecco, the Biom Trainer 1.2 was developed and designed around the concept of natural motion – allowing your foot to function as if you were barefoot. It also comes in an array of snazzy colors including Capri, pink, purple, white, black and silver metallic-black. The 1.2 is like a well-oiled piece of machinery; flex grooves, smooth rolling transition, breathable mesh, synthetic upper, symmetrical heel construction – too many upgrades to mention.

5. MBT Mahuta: It sounds more like an African songbird than a walking shoe, but the MBT Mahuta is no joke. Albeit one of the priciest walking shoes on the market, the Mahuta brings with it state-of-the-art performance. It’s innovative, lightweight and has breathable, stitch-free construction. It also comes in your choice of three colors: black, white and the very fun violet version.


Here are five great suggestions for men’s walking shoes:

1. MBT Chapa: It sounds more like a yacht racing in the America’s Cup than a walking shoe, but the MBT Chapa is just as sleek and powerful. While it doesn’t promise to let you walk on water, it does promise a super comfortable and stylish design in navy and Nubuck leather. The MBT helps the wearer improve posture and gait, and can even help with back, hip, leg and foot problems. All that for a shoe? Yup.

2. ABEO 3720 Active Walker: Much like the women’s ABEO 3620, the 3720 uses SMARTsystem – developed and tested at Stanford University – to construct this amazing walking shoe. The ABEO 3720 is ideal if you are approaching 50, have knee pain, a previous knee injury, osteoarthritis of the knee or are above your ideal body weight. And because ABEO knows that men are naturally stinky creatures, the 3720 has an antimicrobial footbed to prevent the growth or microbes and help control odor.

3. Ecco Biom Walk: The men’s version of the Ecco Biom Walk comes in a sexy silver, concrete and bright orange template sure to make the lady’s swoon. Whether you’re walking the trails in Acadia National Park or window-shopping down 5th Avenue, a comfortable and stylish walking shoe is a must for any man. The Biom Walk activates muscles, ligaments and tendons as if you were barefoot. This is a whole new level of comfort.

4. Ecco Biom Walk 1.1: A step up from the Ecco Biom Walk, the 1.1 comes in black and something crazy called “white yak leather.” Functionality wise, the 1.1’s anatomical shape is based on thousands of foot-scans to deliver exceptional fit and comfort. Developed and designed around the concept of natural motion, this walking shoe is an investment in health and happiness.

5. MBT Mahuta: This walking shoe seems to be named after a ritualistic African tribal dance or my long-lost uncle from Denver. Just like the lady’s version, the MBT Mahuta is a pricey investment, but delivers a hefty return. Available in black, gull grey and navy, the Mahuta offers free-floating webbing construction and a removable virgin foam sockliner with MBT DRY&COOL technology and antimicrobial treatment. Because boys are sweaty and smelly.