How to Find Your Size in Dansko Shoes

Dansko shoes are well known for being of very high quality and very comfortable.  Dansko shoes are made with the highest quality leather and are designed to follow along with the contour of the foot. The instep collar is also well padded to add to the comfort of the shoe. The toe is reinforced with thermoplastic for added protection, and the heel contains thermoplastic urethane so that it provides more stability while still allowing the heel of the foot to move up and down as you walk. The design also includes a drop in the heel cup to keep your heel from moving sideways, and a leather antimicrobial sock liner. The footbed is made from open cell polyurethane foam so that any moisture will be absorbed and evaporated. The polypropylene inner frame increases the lateral stability while reducing torque, and the polyurethane rocker outsole helps to keep your feet moving forward while providing the same type of shock absorption you would get with athletic shoes. The heel is extra wide to make the shoe more stable.

Despite all of this, with Danskos, it is very important that you choose the right size if you want your shoes to be as comfortable as possible.  Dansko shoes are sized using the European whole sizes rather than the half sizes that are commonly used by most shoe brands in the United States.  The general conversions are as follows:


  • Dansko 35  =  US 4.5 – 5
  • Dansko 36  =  US 5.5 – 6
  • Dansko 37  =  US 6.5 – 7
  • Dansko 38  =  US 7.5 – 8
  • Dansko 39  =  US 8.5 – 9
  • Dansko 40  =  US 9.5 – 10
  • Dansko 41  =  US 10.5 – 11
  • Dansko 42  =  US 11.5 – 12
  • Dansko 43  =  US 12.5 – 13


  • European 41  =  US 7.5 – 8
  • European 42  =  US 8.5 – 9
  • European 43  =  US 9.5 – 10
  • European 44  =  US 10.5 – 11
  • European 45  =  US 11.5 – 12
  • European 46  =  US 12.5 – 13
  • European 47  =  US 13.5 – 14
  • European 48  =  US 14.5 – 15

Some people even wear different sizes in different types of Dansko shoes, so it is good to know how Dansko shoes are meant to fit so that you can make sure you have chosen the right size for you. This is especially true since the market for Dansko footwear on Ebay has become so significant.  Generally, if you buy a pair of Danskos from a seller via Ebay, you can’t return them.  And if you choose the incorrect size, you’re out of luck (as well as a big chunk of money).

Although most of the shoes available from Dansko are made for those with medium-width feet, the Professional Clog collection also includes styles made in narrow width. Those who are purchasing closed-back clogs should know that the toes are not meant to touch the front of the shoe, and the heel is meant to be able to move up and down. If your toes touch the front, or if your shoes are so tight your heel doesn’t move as you walk, then you should try the next size up. Your heel should either just reach the end of the footbed or be slightly forward of it in open-backed Dansko shoes. Some designs have extra buckles or elastic goring to make them fit certain types of feet better, so you should try other styles if one does not seem to fit you just right.

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