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If you’re looking for a Dansko outlet, you need to be aware that online retailers are limited in their ability to discount current styles.  This maintains the high-quality perception of Dansko footwear.  However, there are some retailers who are known to post items on sale via Ebay, not to mention the number of people who may sell their Danskos on Ebay on an individual basis.  There are also some retailers who will provide coupon codes which can be applied to items on their website.


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Consider Shopping at the Dansko Outlet Store

Dansko shoes are known for their high quality and for their comfort. Those who find the regular price of Danskos to be a little bit outside of their budget might want to consider shopping at the Dansko outlet store. They have many of the same Dansko styles as regular shoe stores, but at a reduced price that makes them even more affordable.

The reason the Dansko outlet store can offer their womens clogs and other shoe styles at lower prices is because they are seconds. This means that they might have a slight scuff, or a small spot where the leather is a bit wrinkled. They are still hand made and just as comfortable as any other Dansko shoe. Most of the slight imperfections that these shoes have are barely noticeable at all, or similar to the kinds of damage that your shoe will get over time with a bit of wear.

Not all styles will be available at any one time, but if you keep checking back at the website, you will be able to see just what is available, and you might just find the style that you are looking for, or another that you like just as well.


The Dansko corporate outlet is located in Pennsylvania and features significant discounts on Dansko seconds.  “Seconds” mean that the items are not first-quality shoes, but instead likely have minor cosmetic flaws, mostly due to shipping and handling.   Dansko ships some items direct from their warehouse to the consumer via a retailer purchase order.  In many cases, those items – if returned – are shipped back to the warehouse in Pennsylvania instead of being returned to the retailer’s store. If a customer mishandled the product, or the product was found to have a minor cosmetic flaw in the leather, Dansko may put that item on its website at outlet prices.



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  1. Ebay  -  the great auction site features many Dansko styles offered daily, however, it’s tough to know exactly what quality you’ll get
  2. ShoeSteal – this site offers great discounts on many footwear brands, with some Dansko styles discounted up to 50%.  Limited availability is one problem here
  3. Visit the Dansko Outlet

Some recent finds at the Dansko outlet: