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Nursing has to be one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world. From the beginning to the end of their shifts, nurses find themselves constantly on their feet. Not only that, but many nurses also work much longer than 8 hour shifts per day, with some even exceeding 12 hours per day. Due to these long hours, and the nature of their work, proper foot-wear is essential. For the nurse looking for not only comfortable, but affordable work shoes, Dansko nursing shoes are an excellent option.  Dansko offers some of the most fashionable, yet comfortable, nursing shoes available on the market today. They come available in many sizes, and in mens and womens styles. In addition, Danskos have been approved by the American Podiatric Association.

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Dansko nursing shoes are constructed with comfort and support in mind. Due to the nature of their work, nurses are on their feet all of the time. Because of this, foot perspiration can be a problem. To address this issue Dansko nursing shoes have a built-in non-allergenic sock lining in the shoe that absorbs and eliminates perspiration. This will help to eliminate foot odor, and stop related foot conditions from occurring.

Thanks to the full-length anti-skid treads found on all Dansko nursing shoes, those slippery situations and accidental falls that nurses can encounter throughout their day will no longer be such a concern. Also, an antimicrobial foam cushion will have the wearer feeling as though they are walking on a cloud. And finally, due to the comfort and support of Dansko nursing shoes, sore feet at the end of the day will be a thing of the past.

Comfort at work can be crucial to how you perform your job. In the case of nurses, foot comfort and support is especially important. That’s why Dansko nursing shoes are an essential part of any nurse’s work wardrobe. They will not only provide the comfort and support that you’re looking for, but also the safety features as well. Consider purchasing a pair of Dansko nursing shoes today.


Best Nursing Shoe styles

If you are a nurse, you know how important good shoes are.  Being on your feet day in and day out can really take its toll.  Dansko nursing shoes offer medical professionals firm arch support giving your feet sweet relief.

Here are some specific highly-rated style options…

Professional White Box

Dansko’s professional line shouts traditional nursing footwear with ultimate support.  The Professional White Box is a stapled clog with superior shock absorption that will make you feel like you worked all day in tennis shoes.  The Professional has a rocker style bottom that fights fatigue and an extra wide toe box that will keep you comfortable throughout your shift.  2 inch heel comes in traditional white.  Not a fan of white?  No problem.  The Professional comes in a huge variety of colors and textures including pink, red, black, brown, blue, oiled, patent leather, tooled and more!

Vegan Pro Multi Starburst Canvas

Dansko nursing shoes take fun to a whole new level with their Vegan Pro line of footwear.  The Vegan Pro, unites the Dansko classic, stapled clog and combines it with non animal materials and home-spun comfort.  This stapled clog is available in both canvas and flannel body.  The Vegan Pro Multi Starburst has a cotton canvas upper featuring colorful, firework type, starbursts in multiple colors.  This shoe screams fun and both children and elderly patients will love them.  Comfortable, supportive and synthetic micro-fibers make these Dansko’s the perfect shoe for the nursing professional.

Sanibel Veda

Need a vacation?  Dansko’s, Sanibel Veda, makes your feet feel like they are on holiday.  The Sanibel Veda looks like you just laced up your favorite pair of sneakers and are headed out to the beach.  The unique upper offers a lace up closure with a fresh, lightweight canvas body.  Yes, the Sanibel Veda looks like tennis shoes but in fact it offers superior support to your feet with a low 1 1/4 inch heels, rubber, slip resistant soul and a seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association.  The Sanibel Veda, comes in a variety of sneaker worthy colors including plaids, navy, red, taupe and even black suede.

Volley Sanibel

The Dansko Volley combines the casual feel of your favorite shoe with the internal support a medical professional needs.  The Volley is a lightweight, flexible bottom clog with a supportive foot bed.  The Volley allows you to comfortably work on your feet for hours at a time.   This slip on clog comes in a variety of prints.  You can choose from smooth leather, canvas, coated canvas, printed or box leather.  Particularly stunning, is the blue or pink Hawaiian style floral canvas volleys.  These shoes were made to talk about.  They look great with your best solid or patterned scrubs and they keep your patients smiling.

When choosing a Dansko nursing shoe be sure to check the uniform requirements in your medical facility.  Dansko offers both “classic” medical and “funky” contemporary professional footwear.  Whether you are a doctor, nurse or physician’s assistant, a supportive, a great feeling (and looking) shoe is a day to day essential.


** New:  Dansko also now has Healthcare Apparel !!