Celebs Who Love Their Sneakers

If chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, a guilty pleasure that everyone knows about and are trying to avoid (for health and fitness reasons, of course), sneakers are its equivalent when it comes to shoes. They are the ultimate comfortable shoes: flat, light on the feet, cool, and very unassuming. For people who live in a society where fashion is a norm, sneakers are their guilt pleasures.

This is why most celebrities don’t step out on wearing their sneakers. And for those who do, they have definitely captured our attention.

1.  Avril Lavigne – Before she started wearing couture, Avril was widely known as a skater girl who loves jeans, shirts and sneakers. Whereas her peers in the music industry bared bellies and wore miniskirts, Avril stuck to her sneaks for her earlier album covers and magazine photoshoots.

2.  Kristen Stewart – She is another young celebrity with a kick-ass, cool attitude. Even during red carpet events where she rocks her little black dresses and sky-high heels, she is frequently spotted going barefoot or changing into her Keds later in the evening. During the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, she made waves when she appeared on the red carpet glammed up in a red dress and red Converse sneakers.

3.  The Jonas Brothers – These young teen icons are now grown up and have led different career paths, but we still remember them as the cool musical trio who made skinny jeans and sneakers cool for guys.

4.  Will Smith – Now, here is one cool Hollywood A-lister who can wear his Converse as much as he can rock his designer leather loafers. In the movie, I-Robot, Will’s character even proudly sported a classic blue and white Converse—which, in the movie’s futuristic setting, was basically a relic.

Heaven forbid the time will come that sneakers will no longer be produced!

Now, who’s to say that sneakers are only for the average people?

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