6 Health and Style Benefits of Wearing Earth Shoes

It could be the name that draws you to Earth shoes. Our feet slip into a pair of shoes and connect with earth as we walk, run, skip, or hop. We become as one with the under world beneath us each time a foot gently curves itself into the ground. It’s like our feet and the ground are having a conversation. Perhaps in a pair of Earth shoes, the language between the two becomes clearer and more understandable. There is more to a pair of these shoes than connecting with the ground.

Let’s talk about 6 health and style benefits of wearing Earth shoes on a daily basis. Keep in mind, most shoes are not made to wear on a daily basis for a prolonged length of time.

  • The first benefit of Earth shoes: better posture. Promoting better posture actually helps you to tone some of your muscles and legs. This has to do with the heel of the shoe being slightly lower than the toe. This is known as negative heel technology.
  • The second benefit: your feet can breathe. All in all, it’s just healthy for your feet to be able to breathe, but think of how feet can stink. I’m sure Earth shoes incorporated this idea with health in mind, but the less stinky, the better.
  • The third benefit: exercise. Earth shoes do not mean for you to replace your daily exercise routine, but because of the way the Earth shoe is made, it is like exercising anytime you walk in them.
  • The fourth benefit: dressy to casual. They offer a variety of shoes for all lifestyles. Whether you spend your days outdoors or in an office, you are sure to find a great pair of Earth shoes.
  • The fifth benefit: color and width options. Earth shoes do not come in only earth tones. You will find most styles come with a nice variety of color. Besides color, they also offer wide widths.

And for all the environmentally friendly folks, the sixth benefit is knowing Earth shoes keeps our environment in mind. They care about your feet, your posture, your overall health, and about the earth you tread upon.

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