5 Instances Where Victoria Beckham Should Have Worn Comfortable Shoes

If you’ve ever looked at photos of Victoria Beckham, you’ve probably noticed that she doesn’t smile much, if ever. Which makes you wonder, if she has nothing to smile about, then who does? Beautiful, rich, and famous, with a hot husband and beautiful kids. What more could a girl ask for?  A little detective work however may help you with the answer. Okay not really detective work; just take a quick glance at her feet to find the answer. She never seems to wear comfortable shoes.  Scratch that. It’s not even that she doesn’t wear comfortable shoes, it’s seems like she goes out of her way to hurt her feet as much as possible.  I get it if you’re at the Oscars, or a fabulous party, or some other event most of us can only dream about. Sometimes however, life calls for comfort.

Victoria Beckham is fashionable, there’s no question about that, but there’s a line between being fashionable and being downright unpractical, especially when it comes to shoes—and she has definitely crossed it. While she may have enjoyed each and every one of these occasions, I have a feeling she may have been smiling a bit more had she worn shoes that were a bit nicer to her feet. I’ll bet her feet hurt even when she’s not wearing any shoes.


While much of life calls for happy feet, read on for some instances where comfortable shoes would seem to make all the difference:


1. On the soccer field with her son

Being the celebrity and fashionista that she is, she probably feels like she has to always look the part, but these shoes on the field? I’m not expecting her to show up in some Easy Spirits, but surely there is a more practical option than this.

Comfortable shoes for celebrities











2. At a basketball game

I’ve been to plenty of sporting events, and the worst thing you can do is to wear shoes like this. Big crowds, steep stairs, slick floors; it just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Why High Heels Are So Painful










3.  Running errands

When you’re walking around trying to get stuff done with small kids in tow, do you really want the added frustration of your feet being on fire? And don’t tell me that these shoes don’t make your feet hurt, I simply don’t believe it.

Wearing High Heels to Run Errands












4.  Being pregnant

You’re feet hurt anyway while pregnant, do you really have to torture yourself anymore by wearing what I can only assume are extremely uncomfortable shoes?

High Heels for Pregnant Women












5. This

Okay, so I don’t know where she is or what she’s doing, but why would you want to do this to yourself, ever?  Even in the name of fashion, these shoes are outrageous, and I can only imagine that walking on your tiptoes for an event would make it hard for anyone to crack even a slight smile.

Uncomfortable High Heels












So my advice to Victoria:

Get yourself some comfortable shoes. Smile. Enjoy life more.  No one will think you’ve lost your fashion sense, and if they do, just get yourself some bigger sunglasses.

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