3 Myths About Dansko Nursing Shoes

Being a nurse or doctor is a very fulfilling job. However, it can be hard on your feet. After spending a hard day making rounds, you are ready to prop your feet up or soak them in a nice tub of hot water. You may have considered buying a few pairs of comfortable nursing shoes, but are unsure of where to start. After all, aren’t they expensive? Do they really make them that much better than the competition? How are you supposed to spend all day walking on what looks like a platform shoe?

Here are a few myths about Dansko nursing shoes.

1. They are Expensive.

Like most things, cost is relative when it comes to nursing shoes. Of course, in order to get a high functioning pair of Dansko professional clogs, you are going to spend more than what you would at the average big box department store. However, the quality more than makes up for the added cost. Medical clogs can take a beating and keep going for a long time. These aren’t some wimpy shoes that will give out after a month or two. Unlike cheaper brands, shoes like Dansko will provide miles of wear, all for under a hundred dollars. As is the case with most expensive shoes, the extra cost is more than offset by the increased wear and performance. A good pair of nursing shoes is an investment, but you’ll be repaid quickly. Also, websites that feature high performance shoes regularly have sales and coupon codes, making your medical clogs even more affordable.

2. They are Just the Same as the Competition

When you look at a pair of Dansko professional clogs, you don’t always see what is hidden under the hood, so to speak. However, when you look at a cross section of the average nursing shoes, you will quickly discern that they are very different than the regular walking shoe. What you will probably see is multi-tiered layers of support, from the bottom of the shoe up. The durable sole hides a shock absorbing core that can handle the rigors of heavy walking. In addition, the contoured shape provides arch support that is second to none. Finally, almost all nursing shoes are made with quality leather that can go the distance. These definitely aren’t the same old shoe.

3. Heels Just Aren’t Comfortable

Ask almost anyone and you’ll get the standard answer that wearing a heeled shoe is murder on the feet and don’t Dansko medical clogs have a pretty substantial heel? When it comes to most shoes, it isn’t really the heel that is the problem. It’s the way the shoe is built. Shoes that are ergonomically designed can provide adequate support, even when they have a heel. Clogs actually don’t have a traditional heel. Instead, they are built on a raised base that offers complete support for the feet. Because of how the shoe is built, the height isn’t an issue. When most people think about heels, they don’t imagine the amount of research that goes into making a good pair of nursing shoes.


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