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Comfortable Shoes

Do you ever come home from work, shopping or just general daily tasks, and experience aching feet?  If you are like many others, you do.  Think about how much time you really spend on your feet.  No wonder they ache and hurt!  The shoes you wear can make all the difference in how your feet feel at the end of the day.  If you’re having problems with foot pain, you really need to invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes.  If you are thinking that a comfort footwear brand doesn’t offer stylish options, you may be surprised!  You may not have to give up your fashion flair for comfort when you are choosing good shoes, sandals and even heels to wear.

If you think about it, you probably have several pairs of shoes in your closet that are great looking, yet very uncomfortable.  You only wear them because you like the way they look.  By the time you come home from work, a party, or shopping, your feet are in excruciating pain.  With comfort shoes, you do not have to suffer like that any longer.  When your feet are happy, you just feel better.  Even today’s celebrities are wearing comfort shoes – and you know they’re very careful about their wardrobes.

You can find comfort shoes for virtually any style and for any task — for work, sports, workouts, and a night out on the town or even just for every day wear.


Tips for Selecting Comfort Shoes

Some things to think about when considering your next pair of work, dress, casual or walking shoes:

    – Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause a host of foot problems. Corns, calluses, blisters, hammer toes and neuromas are the most common; and although poor fitting shoes don’t cause bunions, they can certainly aggravate them.- Each of our feet has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments. With such a complex structure, there is a lot that can go wrong. This can be exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes. The most important factor in preventing foot pain and improving foot health is finding comfortable womens shoes that provide an appropriate and comfortable fit.
    - When purchasing shoes, they should be comfortable from the start. You shouldn’t hope to stretch them out or plan to “grow” into them. You should be able to wiggle your toes and the shoes should have a strong sole that flexes at the ball of your foot.
    - Your feet should be properly supported throughout the three phases of a step; the heel strike, the mid-stance and the toe-off. If not, the body will compensate which will lead to problems with ankles, legs, knees and back.
    - Most women think they know what size shoe they take, but aren’t fitted each time they buy new shoes. As we age, our feet tend to spread and lengthen therefore, our shoe size changes.

Our overall choice for the most comfortable shoes…

comfort shoes






Comfortable Dress Shoes

On Your Feet All Day? Even More Important to Find Comfortable Shoes

Men and women who have to dress up for work are always looking for affordable and nice looking dressy shoes to wear. You can find dress shoes just about anywhere, but finding comfortable dress shoes is another search all within itself. It is almost impossible to find a good looking, stylish pair of dress shoes. Many of them look like your Grandmother’s shoes or something that your mother would wear (sorry Mom!). People who are fashion conscious want trendy styles that will match the rest of their outfit.

If you have to wear dress shoes to work everyday (for example – the best nursing shoes or an executive of a large company), having an uncomfortable pair of shoes could land you in some serious pain or in the doctor’s office. Serious foot conditions could eventually lead to a visit to the podiatrist. Foot doctors see patients all of the time who have foot conditions that could have been avoidable, but they chose an inexpensive and uncomfortable pair of shoes instead of looking for a  comfortable pair of shoes.  Some features that you should look for are comfortable and flexible soles, wide widths, shorter heels, flexible uppers, real leather that molds to your foot, etc…


Comfortable Heels

Searching for comfortable heels used to be an impossible task, leaving professional women to suffer in silence for the duration of their work day. This no longer has to be a reality. Designers and manufacturers are starting to provide women in the work place with many different choices of heels that are in fact comfortable, not to mention the inserts that women can now find to fit their heels that were previously uncomfortable.

Check out the seasonal selection of ECCO, Fitzwell, NAOT, Naturalizer and Mephisto womens dress shoes for a great pair of heels…


Comfortable Boots

If you are a woman living in any of the cold-weather states, you know that winters can get rough. This is especially true for women who live in the country, along the rural routes and at the end of dirt roads. And those women will tell you that one of the things that gets them through winter is a good supply of comfortable boots. Boots are ideal for winter in rural areas, as they keep both tall snows and muddy slush out of your socks, and keep your feet warm and dry.

But one pair of the most comfortable boots doesn’t cut it for all occasions! So here then are the top three styles of boots women need for winter.

    – Winter work boots…  Call it a snow boot, a work boot, or anything in between, a good insulated pair is the first type of comfortable boots you need for winter. These are ideal for the worst that mother nature can throw your way and, when paired with wool socks, can keep your feet warm and dry through two hours of loading hay, feeding stock and chopping through frozen water sources. We tend to recommend Sorel, but any brand that offers good rubber exteriors and fully insulated interiors would work equally well.
    - Going out-on-the-town boots…  Despite the fact that winter brings with it blowing and drifting snow, that doesn’t stop special events from taking place. We’ve found that the best way to go out in style, while still having warm, dry feet, is to forget the heels! Instead we opt for a pretty pair of comfortable boots - look for stylish designs with low heels, as slick grounds are treacherous enough without adding a tall heel. One favorite pair of going to town boots are my vintage Miss Capezios paired with thin wool socks. Tall enough to protect feet and legs, and they still look great with a dress!
    - Everyday casual boots…  Even on beautiful, sunny winter days, temperatures are usually very low, and you still have to dress warm for outdoor activity. A good pair of everyday, comfortable boots should be tall and waterproof, with rubber soles and traction. Our favorite pair of winter casual boots are waterproof UGG boots – the ultimate in comfort and warmth.


"Comfortable Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Clogs, and Heels for All Occasions..." ...Reviews of Products for Better Foot Health, and Weekly Deals to Save You Money!